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A Divine Connection: Experiencing a Moment

Keep Pushing Forward

Freddie Woods Wilson


“I loved it so much. Being an encourager/mentor, working with children and seeing them learn became my passion.”

The joys and trials of being a teacher…

In A Divine Connection: Experiencing a Moment, Freddie Woods Wilson shares her storied journey through the academic arena—a journey that brought her innumerable trials and invaluable lessons.


Wilson began working with children as a substitute teacher in Germany in 1992. Since then she has worked in various school districts and even upon returning to the United States she found herself inclined to teaching children and helping them learn.


Just like any other career, Wilson’s teaching profession also had its share of difficult experiences and disappointing moments; there were instances when injustices and discouraging events occurred in the workplace. Her book chronicles these struggles and, ultimately, her resolve to keep moving forward. Wilson’s work imparts encouragement and lessons that today’s teachers and any other professional can learn from.


How Is God Working in Your Life Today?

My Mind, My Heart Is for (Optional)

Freddie Woods Wilson


How Is God Working In Your Life Today? He brought you out of the darkness into the marvelous light. You want to Give Him Glory! Praises! Or maybe you are broken in some way, angry, self -righteousness, Judgmental, unforgiving, Jealous or envy. Give it to the Lord, when God say move you move. Write down your conversation using these verses as God will take you to many more in the Bible, and the blessings of God will fill your heart and mind. Share what God gives you.




Freddie Woods Wilson


ALEXANDER is a curious ten-year-old who wants to know all about the invisible giant who has big feet and long arms; he is taller than the trees and wider than the ocean. And most of all, she learns that the giant loves her and the people of the world. Be inspired with love, kindness and laughter.


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